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IRIMH Pharma Ltd. has the vision to play a vital role in domestic as well as in the global market by 2020 through high-quality products. Vialiks is being manufactured by machines that meet global standards and have unmatched performance.

 Our clinical researches

IRIMH’s clinical research staff comprises skilled and certified professionals who use their expertise and experience to meet the specific needs of our clients.  Our staff includes physicians, nurses, certified research study coordinators, lab staff and clerical staff all dedicated to the mission of our organization.  We all coordinate patient care as a team, ensuring the patient’s health, safety and well-being at all times.  Our Principal Investigators are all experienced and dedicated physicians who oversee the overall research activities and ensure that all studies are carried out in complete accordance with their specific respective clinical study protocols.

Our focus is to develop a product that offers niche opportunities within the OTC and generic drug markets. With a total commitment to quality and service, we are strategically positioned to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our facility is fully cGMP compliant and FDA registered.

IRIMH Pharma Laboratory offers a wide range of products and services which includes; contract manufacturing, contract packaging, pharmaceutical development, and analytical testing. Our newly renovated state-of-the-art facility is designed to manufacture controlled drugs. We follow strict standards when it comes to quality and safety, and adheres to all the regulatory guidelines.

Our new product Vialiks is distributed through all channels of the pharmaceutical industry, including wholesalers and distributors, drug chains, private label distributors, hospital buying groups and local, state and federal agencies. We seek to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing superior service and honoring all commitments, and constantly striving to achieve “100% customer satisfaction”.

Introduction to Vialiks

Vialiks are the fourth generation of the family of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. This particular formulation is superior over those that preceded it, being more potent, more quickly absorbed, and more intense in its effect on the chemical messengers of the tissues of the penis and in the nervous system’s fail-safe response.

Benefits: Vialiks is absorbed quickly and produces an almost immediate sensitivity and reaction to your body’s temperature. The chemical ingredient will affect the nervous system immediately and dilating your blood vessels.

Effects: You may feel a hot flash in your chest, as well as increased blood flow to the chambers of your penis, causing it to become erect and swell to size and girth that you never imagined you could attain. The reactive period for Vialiks lasts for nine hours, allowing you to experience these effects several times.

Our drug is based on this active ingredient but has a wider range of uses, fewer side effects and a higher degree of effectiveness.

Benefits of Vialiks

– It may improve your sex life, relationships, and even stress and depression levels.

– It improves confidence and takes away ‘performance anxiety’, which can contribute to erectile problems.

– It may increase your chances of being able to have erections naturally in the future.

– It is relatively cheap.

– Has benefited many men with heart disease who were previously unable to take their heart medication without causing the side effect of erectile dysfunction.

 The benefits of Vialiks for women

There are numerous benefits that Vialiks can have for women; the main ones are listed below.

 – Significantly boosts libido.

– Increases sensitivity to sexual stimulation.

– Increases the chances of having an orgasm and increases the chance of having multiple climaxes.

– It can help women retain a satisfactory sex life through the menopause.

So, why is a new drug better than the popular Viagra?

 – Works better (even those with “brewers droop” from other substances get huge erections.)

 – No prescription (come by registered airmail direct to your door)

 – Cheaper  (even at one capsule per day, cheaper than Viagra)

 – Only one per day for Erectile Dysfunction and one every two or three days for super-strong erections anytime! It can also be taken one hour prior to powerful results.

We are committed to the customer and patient better support and the best concession price. The all-time best policy applies the selling and nursing patient. Honesty is our profession, not a business.

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