Independent research. Aspirin and erectile dysfunction: can it really help?

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Our team is researching erectile dysfunction. We want to study this sexual disorder, and help men defeat it completely.

Aspirin vs. ED

This study is based on the theory that acetylsalicylic acid helps cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction. In our study, 70 people were taken with problems with the potency of varying degrees of complexity and various etiologies.

Virtually every household across the country has a bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet. And, not many drugs have gained and maintained such a highly held reputation as a drug that provides safety and benefits for a variety of treatments as aspirin. But, do aspirin and erectile dysfunction really work together?

Evidence-Based Theory

Initially, it was thought that erectile dysfunction causes were the result of inflammation. Based on this belief, they also thought an anti-inflammatory drug would be a beneficial erectile dysfunction treatment.

Typically, erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with problems involving the cardiovascular system and a lack of circulation along with inflammation. The theory behind the belief regarding aspirin and erectile dysfunction is that aspirin would effectively reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

However, our studies performed on a small scale have indicated contradictory results. Over 800 males were used to study the effects of aspirin and erectile dysfunction and those using aspirin on a daily basis were 22 percent more likely to experience periods of dysfunction.

This study also included NSAIDs along with aspirin. While no definitive proof has resulted from the study of aspirin and erectile dysfunction, to date, no studies have been completed in a laboratory setting.

It is now believed that these drugs actually act to block hormones that are responsible for generating erections. In this case, aspirin and erectile dysfunction are directly related.

Unexpected results

Poor blood flow or inflammation is generally the culprit of erectile dysfunction and with this, in mind, aspirin and erectile dysfunction should complement each other and aspirin should be an effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

But, our tests are indicating just the opposite. Usually, problems with circulation indicate medical conditions like heart disease, and the arteries supplying blood to the penis are much smaller than the arteries that feed the heart. And, with such small arteries, they tend to be blocked early in the disease.

The penis is often referred to as a thermometer for diseases like heart or vascular disease. And, aspirin and erectile dysfunction are usually already an issue when heart disease has been diagnosed.

And, these are the men that are typically already using aspirin for erectile dysfunction, therapy, pain relief and for its anti-coagulatory properties. It is also noted that men suffering from erectile dysfunction are typically suffering from larger health issues.

Final conclusions

At this point in time, it’s difficult to determine if taking aspirin and erectile dysfunction are related even though studies may lean in this direction.

Many men currently taking aspirin do so for a variety of reasons, generally to prevent or avoid heart attacks. Individuals in this situation typically eat an unhealthy diet and usually have an unhealthy lifestyle that includes activities that generally restrict blood flow such as smoking.

Aspirin and erectile dysfunction may not be related in individuals who switch to a healthier diet that would include fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, get a sufficient amount of exercise, at least 30 minutes daily, and move to a healthier lifestyle like quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake.

Creating blood flow and healthy arteries is important for the improvement of an individual’s overall health, and if that occurs aspirin and erectile dysfunction may not be related.

Aspirin is known to add years to an individual’s life, is effective for pain relief and is effective in the prevention of prostate cancer. If continued studies bear out the relationship between aspirin and erectile dysfunction, men may find themselves having to make a very difficult decision.

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