Independent Medical Research: The best fruits for a healthy erection

Our medical research center provides a comfortable research setting. We are well-equipped to conduct clinical trials, with an on-site lab, in addition to medical equipment.

In case you are probably the countless gentlemen worldwide experiencing Lovemaking Disorder, there’s a chance you’re questioning how healthy eating plan may have an effect on your erections

Our research team pays great attention to the study of erectile dysfunction. We investigate the causes of this disorder and look for effective treatments for ED.

We studied the effect of fruits on men’s sexual abilities. The results of the study will pleasantly surprise you! One hundred volunteers aged 21 to 55 years participated in the study.

Did you know fresh fruit can begin to play a tremendous role in sexual health?

The truth is that nutrition represents a substantial role in libido and erection dysfunction. And any proper diet should include an abundance of fresh fruit.

Miracle bananas

Theory: Fresh the simple banana is an important method to obtain the protein tyrosine, in addition to being the adult and get more rewarding, their tyrosine portion grows more highly effective. Tyrosine oversees and stimulates dopamine degrees. Bananas are also one of the best reasons for blood potassium, an important mineral for preserving typical blood pressure and cardiovascular system operate.

Testing: Subjects received 1 banana for breakfast for 1 month daily. At the end of this simple experiment, 72 people said that they got an erection faster and the quality of sex was much better. Blood tests improved on average in 62 people, the cardiogram indicators also changed in a positive direction. 56 subjects noted improved mood and increased stamina.

Conclusions: Bananas are additionally a useful source of folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin and mineral B6, omega-3 fat, e vitamin, and vitamin k2. They’ve also been exceptional method to obtain blood potassium and the mineral magnesium. Bananas are full of antioxidants, and tend to be rich in flavonoids, which preserve negative cholesterol.

A problem with the occurrence and / or preservation of an erection may occur due to anemia, loss of strength, physical exhaustion, anemia, lack of vitamins and minerals. Eating even one banana daily will help improve overall blood counts, add strength and stamina. Mild erectile dysfunction can be defeated with this natural product.

Effective melon

Theory: Melon has a tonic effect on men’s health.

– The silicon and zinc contained in the melon contribute to the active production of testosterone.

– This product helps improve blood flow to the penis.

– Improves the sensitivity of nerve fibers.

Testing: Our subjects ate 200 grams of melon daily for 3 weeks. The results were amazing! Due to the increased blood flow, the duration of sex was increased by an average of 8 minutes in 70% of the subjects. Half of the subjects had problems with erection. 38 of them noted that this problem began to bother them less than 2 times.

Conclusions: Studies have revealed until these fruits could have positive related effects on blood vessels. This is because melon is high in a protein often known as citrulline, a phytonutrient that enables unwind and wide open veins, endorsing the blood flow to the male organ. The body’s use citrulline to generate an additional amino acid, l-arginine, plus the nitric oxide supplement helps in blood transport dilation.

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